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Televic Cocon Audio Routing

Quickly and easily group and route audio inputs & outputs. Create a configuration, and then quickly control and manage it through a matrix.

Televic CoCon Authentication only for units with badge reader

Easily identify participants using a badge. Provide options for fixed or free seating.

Televic CoCon Discussion software

Get the cornerstone of your meeting covered: configure the room, manage the meeting, and control the system. All in a one simple to use application.

Televic CoCon Documentation only for Unicos system

Make documents available to participants that use a uniCOS Multimedia device. Allow users to browse, scroll, and zoom. And give operators the option to lock all views on a single document or use guided scrolling.

Televic CoCon Import/Export | eksport/import delegatlister

CoCon Import/Export is a module which allows a transparent and easy interaction with third-party software, e.g. legal meeting software, room booking systems, webcasting solutions.

Televic CoCon Messaging/Services | multimedia messaging

Allow participants with a uniCOS Multimedia device to send messages to other participants or groups or participants quickly and securely. And get a services button to allow participants to request services without interrupting the meeting.

Televic CoCon Signage

Display meeting information to get everyone in the room up to speed. Connect to projectors or large screens easily.

Televic CoCon Tolke software

This module allows the use of the Interpreter Application for language, channel and desk configuration and monitoring of booth/desk activity. It also allows you to define the booths and desks in the Room Configurator.

Televic CoCon Voting | voteringsmodul

Make sure your voting sessions are reliable and correct. Get extensive configuration options, control the vote easily, and monitor safely.

Televic Confero 360 lisens

Paraply software for let opsætning og kontrol af møderum. ( Ønskes licens til Afstemning, Oversættes m.v. tilkøbes dette som enkelt licens pr. enhed. )

Televic TReX 8 ch. audio recorder

Easily record multichannel audio from your meetings with T-ReX. Start with two channels or capture up to 8 channels simultaneously.

Televic TReX Transcription Tool incl. foot pedal

Easily record multichannel audio from your meetings with T-ReX. Start with two channels or capture up to 8 channels simultaneously. Use any pc to run the software and connect T-ReX to the conference system to conveniently create timestamp for events (mic activations, badge use, and more). Then, use the Transcription Tool to easily transcribe events, of the free Player to listen to recordings.