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EON ONE Compact 5v to 12v cable

USB ladekabel til AKG WMS45 + AKG WMS420 og AKG WMS470 serien. Kan bl.a. benyttes samme med JBL EON ONE Compact og JBL EON ONE MKII som begge har USB lader.

EON ONE Compact DMS Acc Cable

JBL 9 volt DC USB lade kabel for AKG DMS100/300. Kan bl.a. benyttes sammen med JBL EON Compack og EON ONE MKII som begge har USB lader.

EON ONE Compact Dual Batteri Charger

Play more sets, teach more classes and keep the party going all night long when you extend the performance time of your EON ONE Compact system with extra batteries. The JBL EON ONE Compact Dual Battery Charger quickly charges one or two EON ONE Compact lithium-ion rechargeable batteries; full charge is complete in just 3.5 hours for one battery and 7 hours when charging two batteries. LEDs indicate charging status.

JBL EON ONE Compact - batteri

More Power Play more sets or teach more classes, confident in EON ONE Compact’s 12-hour (max) battery life. Swap out batteries in seconds—no tools necessary—and quick-charge batteries in just 2.5 hours. You can even charge up while the system is in use.