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C-STOCK:BSS Contrio EC-4B betjeningspanel med Ethernet/PoE | 4 knapper, Hvit

The Soundweb Contrio EC-4B is an Ethernet wall controller for use in Harman HiQnet systems. The EC-4B can control and monitor parameters within BSS Audio Soundweb London and other HiQnet devices, including Crown DCi series amplifiers.

B-STOCK: Soundweb London prosessor u. lydnettverk

BLU16 London prosessor u. lydnetværk

C-STOCK: BSS BLUCARD OUT | Soundweb 4-kanals analogt utgangskort

The Soundweb London Analog Output Card is designed to populate any of the four card slots on Soundweb London BLU-800, BLU-805, BLU-806, BLU-320, BLU-325, BLU-326, BLU-160, BLU-120, BLU-80, BLU-32 and BLU-16 devices. This analog card enables Soundweb London devices to send line level signals.